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	I, Allen Dale Hurst, do confess and testify, God is my witness,

these words are Faithful and True. Jesus of Nazareth, the Christ, is

come in the flesh. I stand before the world, a witness for the Living 

Word of God.

	I do what is commanded by God, I have received the promises

thereof. Namely, I have been healed, Spiritually, Mentally, and Physically,

that the knowledge and understanding that I posess, comes from God, no man

taught me these things, I am living proof that the words are for this

world and this day in time, I have received freely and I give freely,

the knowledge and understanding of the fear of the LORD. That the only

requirement to receive His Blessings, is to Believe and Do, His


	NOW, Let us know and understand, Humans are spiritual creatures.

Absent the Spirit of their Creator (God) they are broken vessels (incomplete)

when they voluntarily reunite their body with the Spirit of their Creator

(Holy Spirit) they are made whole (complete). Thus, the harms of the

physical world can not harm them. So, when we marry (unite) the Spiritual (God)

with the physical (man) we have a Supernatural being.

	NOWTHEN, When you yield to the Spirit (give God complete control

of your thoughts and actions) the fruit of your labors will be good. Complete

submission is required for the Holy Spirit to cleanse and transform your

heart, mind, and body. So, WE see here that, every individual is capable

and able to do these things, that every individual is responsible for his

or her actions and must answer to God, for He, is the giver of life, and that

man, left on his own, can only take away and destroy life. YOU, can not deny

the evidence, it is recorded every day.

	THEREFORE, Here is the answer:

	If, you believe, the words which are contained in the book bearing

the title of, "Holy Bible", and you agree and will confess that these words

are True and Faithful, and you voluntarily submit to worship God (serve)

	Then, under my leadership, WE will transform this world into

the world spoken of in the beginning, One world, One People, One Authority,

in God, and God in us, Our Heavenly Father, and WE are His Children, United

in the same family, for Eve, is the mother of ALL living.

	IF, any one has evidence to prove these words false, make it public,

and present it to the world for review, I am confident in these words, for

they stand the test of time, they are eternal, which means, that at any point

in time, they prove and remain True. If you are of another faith (belief)

and you do not have confidence in your faith, to withstand an honest, careful,

review of the facts, you are cheating yourself out of life. Ones mind is

only limited by what it chooses to Believe. And if you do not prove (test)

your beliefs, you only think it, you do not know it for sure. I know,

without a shadow of doubt, these Words are Faithful and True, and they will

deliver what they promise, Eternal Life. Any thing and every thing else,

is a lie.

	IF, you sign the Lambs book of Life, you acknowledge agreement

with these words, and these signatures will signify to the world, that

WE, are UNITED, and WE will stand together, for God and His righteousness,

WE are prepared to do whatever is necessary to rid this world of evil,

Once and for all time. All I ever ask of the leaders is for some of their

time, to listen to what God has to say, NONE, has given me one second.

I asked nicely and politely, I went to them in a calm and peaceful manner.

I can only arrive at the conclusion that they do not believe or practice

what they preach, therefore they are liars.

	So, I ask you, do you feel equal to them, do they present themselves

equal to you? Answer this question for yourself, then sign the book, call,

write, tell them, WE want You to meet live, face to face, with Our Heavenly

Representative, Allen Dale Hurst, who dwells in Bonne Terre

Missouri, 63628. When you do this, you will put this world under the

Authority of Almighty God!!!

	This, is a pretty simple and harmless way to overcome evil,


more bloodshed.

	Here are your choices, remain under mans authority, and die with no hope

OR Put yourself and the Universe under Gods Authority, and Live in Peace


Hint: Choose to Live Life, choose the Tree of Life, choose God.

	You sign the book by being born again, of the water

	and the Spirit.

Thanks be to God,
with ALL His Love,
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