We begin with the head. If the head is not right.
Nothing else makes sense. All is lost. Simply a
waste of energy and matter. The brain is the control
center. This is where all processing of information
occurs. The senses are input devices, they collect
and transfer the data to be processed. The ability
to reason, think, is what sets humans apart from the
rest of the animals in the kingdom, this is by design,
or else there would be other animals with this ability.
History and Science prove this. Better yet have you seen
or heard of any other being with this capability?

So the civilization of humans is the process of being converted from pure animal to a more refined intelligent creature. Evidence proves that time alone can not nor will not produce the desired results. Also evidence proves that, without proper education and training, the human is a dangerous creature.
At this point in time we find ourselves in the balance of self destruction or utilizing our common knowledge and understanding to come together and solve once and for all the problems we face collectively. Because History and Science prove, man has been at this point several times in the past with catasrophic results.
With the knowledge and understanding that God and His Word are True and Faithful, this eliminates a world full of confusion. Thus solving All of mankinds previous problems, Mystery solved. Evolution disproved. Questions Answered.
NOWTHEN let Us rise above the earth into the realm of Heaven. For all of you theologians and self appointed scholars and prophets Rest Assured the Kingdom is already laid at the feet of Jesus. You are just upset that you could not unlock the seals, Get over it. Come along we have much work to do.
In order to bring about the real change that needs to occur WE MUST AGREE THAT WE HOLD ALL THINGS IN COMMON. This will eliminate selfishness and greed and the effects of it. Thus reducing the work before us to resource managment. This my friends is where automation finds a real practical use. The application of the resources is what will produce the jobs. Online education is the key to provide any one who desires to learn An avenue off the Information Highway. This is where my Public Computer Center is a practical model for the world to come. I will gather the brightest and best hearts and minds in the industry to partner with and we will design and build it. Another issue is this deadline thing, We are living in eternity now, forget about time. This too will eliminate a bunch of health problems. Stress kills. Anger is a waste of energy. Conservation is at the heart of implementation.
In your patience, you posess your soul.
Allow the Holy Spirit, to reposess you.
The first step is to Forgive, yourself, You must ask for it, and before you get to give, It is granted,
to ALL who give it.
Put Love in Your heart
Peace in your mind
Teach your hands and your children to
Practice it.
I Love You, Allen

The lymbic system is what governs the brain,
When exposed to positive and joyful stimuli,
It produces positive and joyful fruit. Good.
When exposed to negative and harmful stimuli,
It produces negative and harmful fruit. Evil.
The Love of God is the medicine,
To heal, a sick world.
Accept Gods' Love, and share it with ALL!!!
And Our worlds will become One, whole, complete,
Healthy World.

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