On October 10, 2012 I took a journey back in time. My Dear Friends, Barb and Vickie, gave me a ride to St. Charles, MO, I got another ride a little further West on I-70 and stood on the exit ramp of the rest area. It was almost dark, so I was gonna go back to the MickeyD's and have a cup of joe, when Bryan picked me up and was going to Rapid City, SD. He gave me a ride to Kadoka, SD, and helped me get a room for the night at the Budget Host motel.

After check-out I headed South on SD Hwy 73, to hwy 44W to Snake Butte Rd on into Kyle. my last ride from Wanblee was with Sunny's aunt, she took me to Sunny's house. I went to the door and knocked, Sunny's Mom answered, and about that time Sunny and her sister arrived. I introduced myself to Sunny, and told her that I mean and stand behind every word I had written to her. She expressed to me that she was dealing with some issues and had an agenda, I ask her if she wanted me to leave and she said yes, I ask her to smile, she did, and I ask her to forgive me if I had caused her any harm, that I just wanted to be her friend and help her, any way that I could. I ask her where I could go and sit, she directed me to the senior center, where I went to sit and ponder the situation. The senior center is across the street from the school, I watched a little football and noticed a truck from the Housing dept. so I went and ask the gentleman in the truck if he knew of any place I could work for a place to sleep. He pointed to a blue house and told me to go ask the lady there, she had no room available but sent me to talk to the lady at the youth center. I went to the Police station and got directions, I spoke with the lady there and she could not help, I was too old, so I offered my services to her and she told me about the Veterans shelter in Pine Ridge. I left there and went back towards the senior center and on to the Catholic Church building.

I sat on the steps for a while and met this cat,

The church was locked but I noticed some folks at another building nearby, so I went and talked with the ladies there, I explained my situation and they told me to talk to Fr. Rick. I went to his residence, spoke with the housekeeper and learned the good Fr. was at a meeting. I went back to the other building, and one of the ladies called the Fr. and said he would be back soon. They had baked bread and offered me some warm bread and coffee, which was excellent. They informed me that there was going to be a Pau Wau at the school and everyone was invited. When Fr. Rick arrived, I spoke with him and explained my situation to him, he could not offer me a room. I expressed my desire to attend the Pau Wau, which if I attended would cause me to miss the bus to Pine Ridge. I again expressed my interest was in Kyle not Pine Ridge, so he said he would get me a room at the motel if available and we could meet up at the Pau Wau and he would give me a ride.

The buffalo was excellent along with the music and dancing, the new staff was introduced and a good time was had by all. The next morning I find myself 6 miles from Kyle, and no smokes, about 50 miles from Pine Ridge, If I went to Pine Ridge I would have transportation issues, so I went back to Kyle, 5 minutes, a ride to Kyle. I got some smokes at Lil Angels store and back to the senior center.

If you look to the left of the sign in the background, you will see the senior center. After sitting there for a little while a gentleman comes and sits at the bench nearby and we begin to talk, I explain my situation and he asks me to come with him. His name is George Gabriel White Thunder, he takes me to his dads house and introduces me to his dad, Guy. George is around mid 50's his dad 84 years young, Chief White Thunder, invited me to stay at his home, his wife had passed 2 years ago, George comes and helps his dad with his needs.

And the sunrise on 10/14/2012 Kyle, SD.

And snow on 10/22/2012 Kyle, SD.
There is more to this story, stay tuned, Peace!!!